First Visit and First & Your Appointment

Thank you for visiting the office of Dr. Saman Malkami, voted "Top Dentist" for more than 10 years in a row. Dr. Malkami has been practicing in his specialty field of endodontics (root canal therapy) exclusively for more than 20 years. He has developed mastery in performing endodontic treatment utilizing microscopic technology.

We understand the importance of providing these services to our patients in the most comfortable, stress-free manner, and have perfected the art of dental anesthesia, rendering an absolute pain-free treatment.

Your first appointment with our office includes a comprehensive evaluation of your tooth (or teeth) and a complete history of any pain, trauma or symptoms related to your tooth.  Make sure to come in 15-20  minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork ( including your medical and dental history). To help you fill out these forms properly, remember to bring your dental insurance card with  subscriber information, and a referral from your general dentist. Bring a list of medications you are taking, and any allergies or unusual reactions that you have had specially in reaction to dental treatment or any medications you have taken before.

A thorough evaluation will be done on the affected tooth or area to arrive at a diagnosis. This process starts with a digital radiograph (low dose x-ray) of the tooth. The tooth is then tested for pain upon biting, palpation, percussion, and cold and heat sensitivity. Dr. Malkami will assess the mobility of the tooth and the health of the surrounding gum tissue. It is very important NOT TO TAKE PAIN KILLERS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Taking pain killers will mask your symptoms, therefore making your clinical tests invalid.

Once a diagnosis is made, your treatment plan will be created for you,our treatment coordinator will review the cost of your treatment and an estimate of your insurance coverage. A quote will be given to you explaining your insurance benefits and financial responsibilities. Your root canal treatment can sometimes be done at the same visit  or at another appointment depending on the circumstances. An appointment will be made for your root canal treatment based on the times/days that work for your schedule.

Your Appointment

When you call our office, our friendly team members will be able to help you with scheduling your appointment. We always reserve time for same day appointments,so you will find it easy to make an appointment if you have an emergency. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, let our staff know. We will make sure to do everything possible for you to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Here is some information that we need from you before your visit:

  • Name and contact information of your general dentist
  • Your health history and if you have any medical conditions that require you to take an antibiotic prior to being treated by a dentist?
  • Name and information on your dental insurance provider
  • Name, date of birth, ID number or social security number of the primary subscriber on you dental Insurance


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