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  • I have severe dental anxiety and on top of that, I was not thrilled to go for my first root canal during a pandemic! But Dr. Malkami was amazing. He let my husband stay in the exam room throughout my procedure to help comfort me and quickly found something to chat with him about. I listened to their conversation and it calmed me down very well. The root canal itself was practically painless - only a brief moment where Dr. Malkami specifically checked to see that I was numb and, when I wasn't, he gave me more novocaine. I felt better leaving that root canal than I sometimes do leaving a routine cleaning appointment. Dr. Malkami is truly amazing!

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  • I had an emergency root canal here in 2017 due to a crack in my tooth from an almond months prior. I still remember to this day how smoothly it went. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the procedure didn’t take long at all. I’m very thankful for the wonderful staff and excellent provider that took care of my tooth and alleviated my pain. It was hard for me to focus on daily tasks and I didn’t realize I had a raging infection. Lesson learned! Thanks!

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  • Dr. Malkami is the kindest, most competent dentist I have ever been to. He really made me feel at ease prior to and during the procedure. A root canal was completed in about 40 minutes with absolutely NO PAIN! If you MUST have a root canal you MUST visit Dr. Malkami.

    - Rocio Alejandra
  • I went in terrified I was so scared of getting my root canal done. Dr. Malkami was so nice. He talked through the whole thing in an effort to relax me. I felt nothing! There was no pain at all whatsoever. If you are scared of the dentist and have to get a root canal done go to Dr. Malkami. He will make sure you are comfortable and completely at ease. Thank you Dr. Malkami.

    Show More - Kelleny Rivera
  • Amazing best describes Dr Saman MaljamiAs a First time patient I was amazed that the root canal took half the time as in the past and was totally painless

    - Bob Sallee
  • Dr Malkami, his staff Janet and office team are perfection. DR Malkami explained EXACTLY what was wrong with my tooth roots and what was needed.

    Ive had multiple root canals and was dreading the long process and pain. NOT WITH  DR M! He simply numbs the tooth treatment area, not full jaw,  his numbing technique is so gentle.
    He then proceeded  with my root canal. IT WAS COMPLETELY PAINLESS. COMPLETELY. And took less then an hour with no pulling , tugginng and having to put my neck in bad positions!
    I cannot recommend Dr M and his team enough! Go in for a consult and see. His friendly, and makes it actually fun! Ive had two now and need to go back for a redo from a prior dentist. Its easier then a new crown!

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  • I was in pain and my dentist suspected it was a cracked tooth and referred me as an emergency to Dr. Malkami. I received a call for a same day appointment that day. I arrived and was greeted and advised my insurance had been contacted/verified and would see the doctor shortly. I had never had a root canal and was thinking the worst... A few quick X-Rays and exam isolated the problematic tooth and he explained the procedure. Dr. Malkami has a great way of keeping me informed about what is happening and making you feel comfortable as he shared stories about his professional experience, joked with Janet and shared about his upcoming trip. The procedure was 45 minutes and SO much easier than I had imagined. I am so grateful to have had such great care and will not spend Christmas in pain!

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  • “I had a severe case of 'dental phobia' until I met and was treated by Dr. Malkami. A root canal was not my idea of meeting a new dentist; however before, during and after the treatment I was very comfortable and pleased with the results. All in all, the procedure was uneventful and that has change my idea toward dentistry completely. Thank you, Dr. Malkami and Staff !”

    Show More - Tom Freedman
  • “I have had dental work done both here and abroad. Every time I went in, it hurt. Then I saw Dr. Malkami. He assured me that it wouldn’t hurt, and, at first I was very nervous. But he was right! It was completely painless. I feel very grateful now, because I am not afraid to see the dentist anymore.”

    Show More - Jen Lee
  • Dr Malkami was amazing! The root canal was painless and fast. I highly recommend him

    - Theresa Hernandez
  • he is not only very educated but also he is very kind. He really cares about his patients. His office is very clean with friendly staff. we all love him. I am so happy that he takes care of my daughter.

    - Gita Asharian


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