Pediatric Endodontist Fullerton, CA

Pediatric endodontists are specialists who work primarily with children in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of inner tooth structures, including the pulp, roots, and nerves. They can treat many endodontic conditions, including pulpitis, root or nerve damage, and trauma or injury. Endodontists who work with pediatric patients are educated and trained in performing various treatments and procedures safely and effectively. In many cases, they often gear their practice towards keeping children comfortable during their visits.

A pediatric endodontist is available at Saman Malkami DMD in Fullerton and the surrounding area. Our team can properly diagnose and treat your child and relieve the pain and sensitivity that accompanies most endodontic conditions. Call us today at (714) 459-8002 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

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